A brand new trailer for Spelunky 2 has arrived, giving us another glimpse at the title, including new characters and its multiplayer mode.

Having not heard much on Spelunky 2 since last year, it came as a great surprise this week when Mossmouth Studios shared a new trailer for the game. As previously revealed, our original hero has hung up his hard hat to find love and settle down.

Now, we get to see who’s living his legacy and it’s, of course, his daughter, Ana Spelunky. As per the original title, she’ll be spelunking her way through randomly-generated caves, tombs, planets, and more. She’ll also be joined by a new cast of characters such as Margaret Tunnel and Roffy D. Sloth

Check out the trailer below:

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Spelunky 2 is set to hit PS4 next year.

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