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Housemarque, the developers behind Resogun, has unveiled the first trailer for Stormdivers, their upcoming battle royale game.

Stormdivers is an upcoming PC third-person battle royale game which blends PvP gameplay with environmental hazards that’ll keep players on their toes. The game follows typical Battle Royale tropes with an ever-shrinking dead zone pushing players towards each other while they battle it out to be last alive.

There’ll be both solo and team play available in Stormdivers, and according to the developer “those who can master speed, surprise and take the high ground will reap the benefits of exotic loot.” so presumably, you’ve gotta be fast and agile to get to hard-to-reach areas to score the best loot.

Housemarque also detailed some future content adding that additional modes, as well as PvE co-op missions, new playable areas, classes, and more, will be coming to the game.

Finally, they unveiled the game’s first trailer which you can see below:

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More details are expected to come at a later date, in the meantime, you can find out more and sign up to the game’s beta over on the game’s website.

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