Are you going through Stranger Things withdrawal? Are secrets of the Upside Down driving you crazy? Well, Dark Horse Comics and their new issue of the Stranger Things comic might help keep you satiated!

Coming on September 26, writer Jody Houser has given some details story-wise and it looks like we’ll be getting an interesting look at the Upside Down and a lot of lost time in Season 1.

Back in Season 1, the audience was captivated by Eleven’s escape from her father and the kids’ search for their missing friend, Will. Meanwhile, Joyce Buyers was trying to convince everyone around her that Will was somehow trying to communicate with her.

While we got glimpses of Will throughout the first season, he played a kind of a minor role compared to his friends, and even in Season 2, he was still the one needing saving.

Stranger Things Comic Preview

Houser aims to shed some light on what exactly Will was going through all that time in the Upside Down – and maybe even answer the question of why the twisted version of Hawkins wants to keep it’s hooks in Will come Season 2!

September 26 is still a couple of weeks away so it looks like you’ll have to wait and give it a read to find out what secrets will be uncovered!

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