SMASH THE PRESSES! Somebody in the Nintendo IT department will be looking for a new job; as another massive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak has surfaced…

So what happened? Nintendo attempted to upload a new song to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate YouTube channel and wrongly titled the fantastic “Galaga Medley” as “Bloody Tears / Monster Dance”.

The song plays out perfectly but the incorrect titling is making fans of the Castlevania series go bonkers! “Bloody Tears” and “Monster Dance” are both beloved classic song from the vampiric franchise.

While this medley does not confirm any one-specific representative from the Castlevania franchise, this does fuel the fire of previous leaks that stated Simon Belmont will be a newcomer to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

With the next Nintendo Direct incoming at 3 pm today the ravenous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fanbase do not have long to wait for more news. What other characters, stages, and trophies will be revealed? Only time and Sakurai can tell…

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