Every studio goes through its own growing pains and Telltale Games is no stranger to such things.

Despite having multiple wildly successful episodic adventures under their belt, players have always had quips here and there with certain aspects of their games and Telltale has been listening.

The Walking Dead’s executive producer Brodie Andersen recently did an interview with Eurogamer where he spoke about several changes within the studio’s workings. This included giving the final season of The Walking Dead an entirely new art style (which he called Graphic Black) as well as diversifying the gameplay a little. Rather than putting the player through QTE after QTE, the walkers will act more randomly just as Clem has more options when it comes to offense.

“It was really important this season to build some time in to make some improvements to the Tool to add polish and quality of life experience. Rendering was one of the big ones, we now have fully dynamic lighting, we’re using a different art style we call Graphic Black which is tailored to look like a living comic book. Animation as well, specifically facial movements, an over the shoulder camera and unscripted combat where in the past we’ve relied on QTE experiences,” he said.

“We’re always pleased to innovate and maybe in the previous season we didn’t do enough of that.”

The studio is also working on zeroing in on its current projects rather than releasing a bunch of different games in succession.

Seeing as their beloved The Walking Dead season is nearing its end, if releasing fewer games means Clem’s ending will get as much love and hard work as it deserves, then maybe that’s okay.

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