The immensely popular The Binding of Isaac is getting another content update, despite creator Edmund McMillen stating that the ‘April’s Forgotten’ update would be the last.

This new update is titled The Binding of Isaac: Repentance and was announced alongside a short teaser trailer, with McMillen calling 2018 ‘the year of Isaac’.

The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike shooter, in which you play as Isaac, an abused little boy who shoots his tears at his enemies, which range from twisted spiders to literal poop. The game is deeply entrenched with layers of disturbing symbolism and the plot, if there is even really one, is told without dialogue or explanation. Underpinning the macabre setting is some of the most solid gameplay you can find on the indie market, along with a huge array of power-ups and bosses to be discovered. You could play for hundreds of hours and still not discover everything the game has to offer.

So what is this new update going to bring to The Binding of Isaac? Uhhhhh… Nobody knows. So far no information has been provided, not even if it will be a free update, an expansion pack or a standalone title.

Apparently, it will be playable at PAX West, so we should get some more information soon.

Check out the short teaser trailer below:

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