Survival horror game, The Forest, is set to gobble up players on PS4 this November, Endnight Games have announced.

Having been in Early Access on Steam since 2014 and eventually launching in full in May of this year, it’s time for the title to make its way to other platforms and to kick things off, it’ll be launching on PS4 on November 6.

While it’s pretty good news, it’s not the first time we’ve heard that the game was to make its way to PS4. Endnight originally promised a launch in 2015, however, this clearly never happened… obviously.

Anyway, The Forest throws players into, well… a forest, after a plane crash and take the role of a father looking for his son. He soon realizes that he’s not alone in the forest as when night falls the forest’s inhabitants, a bunch of crackpot cannibals, come out of the underground cave system to feast.

The good news is that players can join three other dads in the search for their sons and can work together to build camps and hopefully escape being someone’s supper.

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