STX Films has released the red band trailer for their upcoming comedy, The Happytime Murders which shows us the life of a Muppet when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Of course, this isn’t The Muppets, but instead a much darker look at what puppets get up to when it gets past midnight. It’s rude, crude, and downright outrageous… I love it. While The Muppets attempted (and failed) to make a more “adult themed” show, The Happytime Murders looks to give us exactly what we were hoping for.

The Happytime Murders takes a look at a world in which puppets were actually alive and existed alongside us humans. Unfortunately, it’s not all lollipops and rainbows as puppets are considered second-rate citizens and do their best to find a place in society, no matter how undignified it might be.

In the movie, Melissa McCarthy is forced to work alongside a puppet to solve the murders of the cast of a beloved puppet TV show.

Alongside McCarthy, The Happytime Murders also stars Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, and Elizabeth Banks. The movie is also directed by Brian Henson from a screenplay written by Todd Berger.

Check out the trailer below:

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The Happytime Murders is set to land in theatres on August 24.

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