What lies in the shadows that we cannot give a name to? The Inner Friend aims to show you what you are scared of, makes you face your fears.

Playmind’s The Inner Friend is shaping up to look like a twisted cross between the darkest parts of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and the classic comic strip Little Nemo. In the real world of The Inner Friend the main character looks like your typical Metroid playing 90’s child, but as soon as his mind is opened to the darkness everything changes.

Not only does the main character look like a full body Ceramic reproduction of a 19th-century Phrenology head given life, the bosses are also the protagonist’s neurosis personified and deadly. Taking place in a nightmarish world made of unresolved traumas with landscapes crafted by fading memories, players are tasked with recollecting your memory fragments.

Unleash The Inner Friend and get ready to face your childhood fears on September 6, 2018.

Examine the trailer below and let us know your diagnosis…

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