Square Enix’ upcoming title, The Quiet Man, is a pretty interesting title where the majority of the game is set to be live-action.

Speaking in an interview with Bahamut (translated by Siliconera), The Quiet Man producer Kensei Fujinaga revealed that the upcoming title will be around 60% live action with the remaining portion of the game being 40% 3D CG, describing the game as more of an interactive movie than more traditional gameplay.

He added that with the game’s darker tone, it made sense for the game to be mostly live-action, as they wouldn’t be able to express everything they wanted in just 3DCG, what’s more, the game itself is going to be a complete, standalone title, with the entire story being experienced in a single playthrough.

Shuichiro Hamada of Yakuza fame is also working on the title and has produced over 40 different moves to perform. As for the gameplay itself, the title character is deaf which gives him enhanced eyesight and focus. Because of this, he can only focus on a single enemy at a time rather than groups, so the fighting sequences have been developed with this in mind.

All in all, it sounds like The Quiet Man is a pretty big experiment for Square Enix but if done right, could be a pretty fantastic experience.

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