Publisher Unties and developer Cherrymochi has announced that their dark anime-style horror adventure, Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – is coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 this Winter.

In Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – players take the role of Detective Itō as she explores the dark depths of Tokyo after her partner goes missing. The game blends classic point-and-click mechanics with RPG-style stat management with a stunning anime-style art style that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

The game launched on PC late last year to “Very Positive” reviews both on Steam and from critics. The game’s re-release on Nintendo Switch and PS4 will extend the story with a Directors Cut. Overall the game will offer ten different endings with players’ decisions throughout the story opening and locking options that’ll affect the overall ending.

A trailer for the Director’s Cut of the game can be found below:

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Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – lands on Nintendo Switch and PS4 this September.

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