Tropico 6 won’t be bringing its tropical paradise to PC until 2019, Kalypso Media has revealed this week.

It looks like El Presidente wanted a few more months of relaxation before getting back to work as Kalypso Media has announced that their upcoming dictator sim sequel, Tropico 6, won’t be arriving until 2019.

While we never had a solid release date for Tropico 6, it was always slated to land this year. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case but it seems to be for a good reason. In a press release, Kalypso Media and El Presidente himself stated that they want the game to be the biggest and greatest game yet. This means the developers need the extra development time for this to be achieved.

The upcoming title will also be utilizing the Unreal engine for the first time in the series, making the world of Tropico look better than ever which can be seen in the new gameplay trailer below:

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Tropico 6 is set to launch in January 2019 for PC, and Summer 2019 for consoles.

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