It isn’t often that an indie game comes along and commands the respect and praise that the more established AAA titles enjoy, yet in September 2015 Toby Fox’s Undertale hit the Steam Store and reminded the world that you don’t need a big budget to develop engaging characters and an interesting combat system.

Earning itself a fervent fan base, the game has continued to stay relevant in the three years since its launch, and rightfully so.

Since its arrival, the multi-award winning title has seen further releases across Linux (July 2016) and Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Vita systems (August 2017), and finally, we have details on the Collectors Edition heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Available for preorder, the Nintendo Switch Collector’s Edition of Undertale will contain the same contents as it’s neighboring platforms, so for those of you harboring a fear of missing out, rest easy.

Undertale Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition

The Collector’s edition includes:

  • The complete Undertale soundtrack: Over 100 songs on 2 CDs
  • Undertale sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by Toby Fox
  • A 14k gold-plated brass music box locket
  • A sturdy matchbox-style collector’s box
  • A standard edition copy of UNDERTALE for PS4, PS Vita, or PC

Both the Collector’s and standard editions will include:

  • A 24-page story booklet illustrated by Temmie Chang

Undertale Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition

Available exclusively through Fangamer, the Collector’s Edition has been given a $69.00 price tag and a shipping date sometime in September, while the physical standard issue will retail at $29.00.

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