Bad news for all us perverts who can’t enjoy a film without a good dismemberment or two: Sony has announced their desire for the upcoming Spidey spin-off Venom to receive a PG-13 rating.

This news comes as a bit of a surprise, considering how the trailers have made the film seem a lot darker than your standard superhero affair, what with our ‘hero’ threatening to slowly eat someone alive and all.

For all those people who struggle to follow the incessant onslaught of superhero films Hollywood throws at us, Venom follows Eddie Brock, a reporter who enters a symbiotic relationship with a strange alien parasite, presumably having swiped right at the wrong time on Tinder. This parasite grants him amazing new powers at the cost of it wanting to eat people.

This Venom is not the same one that appeared in Spider-man 3, since the people at Sony want people to actually like their new film. Now Venom is played by Tom Hardy, an actual decent actor not known for playing a total loser in an okay-ish sitcom, and he does fun Venom things like kill police officers and threaten to eat your mum.

Venom Movie Still

Of course, with this new announcement we now know that he actually won’t eat your mum, or indeed anyone’s mum at all. The best we can hope for is a hungry look and a quick nibble. It is odd that Sony wouldn’t want to make this film R-rated, considering the immense popularity of R-rated superhero films in the past couple of years, like Deadpool and Logan. A villain based superhero film seems the most obvious place for Sony to crank up the blood and guts, so why would they seem to take this misstep?

Well, put your Marvel patented Spidey tinfoil hats on: Many have been speculating that, as Sony and Marvel have been cozy little bedfellows since Spider-man: Homecoming, the producers may be intending to have Venom eventually appear alongside Tom Holland in the MCU. If we saw Venom munching down on an honest cop’s thighbone, it would then be a bit incongruous to see him trading quips with baby-faced Peter Parker in Spider-man: Fury Road. This is probably dependent on Venom actually making Sony a lot of money, of course, so all you Venom fans better actually go out and watch it if you want to see Hardy enter the MCU at any point soon.

That is all speculation, it may just be that the Sony executives are idiots. That isn’t hard to believe if you have ever sat down and watched The Amazing Spider-man 2, so perhaps the internet should leave its tinfoil hats off this time. Additionally, we still don’t know what rating the film will receive. It is only Sony’s intention that the film is PG-13, so we will have to wait until later this year to find out just how kid-friendly Venom will be.

Venom is set to release in the US on 5 October 2018. You can check out the latest trailer for the movie here.

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