BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers event, Shattered Grid, is coming to an end this month as it wraps up the Summer with a dramatic bang. Though what should come next?

Just keep in mind though, when I talk about the next mega event for the Power Rangers comics, I mean in at least 2 years, let’s not bloat the market like Marvel has with massive story crossover events that are to close together, at least in terms of release schedule.

One of the things that I think Shattered Grid missed out on was having that kind of cliche and inevitable moment in crossovers where two characters or groups from different worlds clash and have a good old-fashioned brawl. Was I the only one who wanted to see Jason the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger face off against his older Gold Ranger Zeo counterpart?

It could’ve been fun to see the Blue Ninja Storm Ranger square off against the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger and see who comes out on top. Or if Andros could beat up Lord Zedd, something the original team could never do?

So that leads, I hope, quite nicely in what I think should be the next big story event.

Power Rangers

I would like the next Power Rangers story event to be a massive martial arts tournament. That’s right, every Power Ranger ever comes together once again to test their might in combat.

Think about it, all Power Rangers are supposed to capable fighters with most having a background in martial arts. You could have one on one battles to decide fan debates like which is better, The Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger or The White Ranger?

Who’s the best Blue Ranger? Why don’t you have them work it out in a battle royale? Will Billy come out on top or would it be TJ? Maybe, just maybe it could Skye.

The villains could get in on the act as well. Who was the better henchmen? Goldar or Ecliptor? Though we’ve talked about this, we must wait a little while and let Shattered Grid get cold and at least get some enjoyment out of the Beyond the Grid era first.

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