The Arcade Crew (Blazing Chrome, Dark Devotion) and 1P2P (Inside My Radio) have announced new title Young Souls in style, with their new reveal trailer putting its best foot forward in gorgeous fashion.

Described as a tale of “life, family, adventure, and saving the world”, Young Souls tells the adventure of Jenn and Tristan, two abandoned siblings adopted by one good-hearted scientist who takes them into his household within a small port town. However, it isn’t long until life is disrupted once again for the two youths, as the discovery of a portal offers them travel to another world, one which threatens their own.

With its distinct hand-drawn art style and beat-em-up combat design, Young Souls promises players a “deeply narrative RPG that features clever crossover mechanics”, alluding to a game extending beyond its moment by moment combat. With 70+ dungeons and the option of solo and co-op modes, there promises to be plenty on the players plate as they navigate between the characters on their own, or share them with a friend. And lets not forget the loot, as weapons and armour will need to be acquired and equipped if Jenn and Tristan are to prevail.

The reveal blends a perfect mix of gameplay and story, and does well as an introduction to some of the more basic gameplay mechanics. This, along with contextual dialogue to help understand some of the purpose behind the characters actions, helps show off a stunning game with bags of potential.

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More information can be found over on the game’s website.

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