This week Fireblade Software have released a major update to their strategy adventure game, Abandon Ship, which is set to introduce plenty of new content to the Early Access title.

The update, titled The Perilous Bounty, has launched on Steam and introduces a new type of foe, Sea Forts. As they’re solid islands and cannot be sunk, players will need to figure out the best way to put a stop to this steadfast enemy. Sea Forts consist of two rings, an outer which can be damaged and repaired, houses four mortars and two sick bays. Its inner ring is a raised stone platform which houses a Mega Mortar.

This new Mega Mortar is a relentlessly firing weapon which causes complete devastation to ships. In order to destroy it, players will need to destroy all four of its inner-sections, and once destroyed, the Sea Fort will surrender – unless it’s owned by a Cult.

There are other ways to defeat Sea Forts, which can be found over on the Steam Announcement.

Abandon Ship Sea Forts Screenshot

Other new additions include Wanted Levels which will be given to players who act quite the pirate or attack neutral Sea Forts. This Wanted Level will cause the world to react to players differently, as high levels will cause neutral Forts to attack, and Bounty Hunters will be dispatched to claim your bounty. Depending on the level, Bounty Hunters will either seek out cash or will attempt to sink your ship.

Trade Routes are also being added to the game which players can raid. Floating outposts are also a new addition which will act as salvation for players with high wanted levels who cannot access ports.

There are a bunch of other additions in this new update all of which can be found on the Steam Announcement post.

One word of note, this massive update does change the world in a way that previous saves cannot be played. The good news is, players, can continue their adventure by accessing the game’s previous version in a Beta Brach.

Check out the trailer for this new update below:

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To find out what we thought of an earlier version of Abandon Ship, you can head to our preview.

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