Anthem, EA’s upcoming shooter will get storyline DLC and a Demo, coming February 1, 2019.

Speaking at Pax West, Anthem’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah reiterated Bioware’s intention to support the title after launch, Reminding us that there will indeed be no loot boxes and that while cosmetic items can be purchased, they will always be earnable in-game.

First, so, no loot boxes,’ stated Darrah (Via VG247) ‘There will be some cosmetic stock that you can pay for but it will always be earnable.’

‘For storytelling, we don’t want to divide the audience, we want people to be able to experience the same stories so none of that is going to be locked.’

Yes, that is right, none of the endgame content is going to be hidden behind a paywall. Much like Battlefield 5, Anthem will not be locking it’s content behind a paywall as they have with past titles, and marks a turning point in EA’s business practice. Better late than never right?

Anthem Screenshot Showcasing Combat

Anthem will also be available to players through a demo, which is set for release February 1, 2019. This was also confirmed at PAX West during the panel, with Anthem’s Lead Producer, Mike Gamble, noting that the Demo is a ‘slice of our game’ and not a Beta designed to garner feedback.

Anthem is set for release February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Demo will be dropping on February 1, 2019, a couple of weeks before release.

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