Stunlock Studios has released the launch trailer for their upcoming battle royale game, Battlerite Royale, which blends top-down MOBA-style gameplay with battle royale mechanics.

Forget Fortnite, PUBG, and H1Z1, Battlerite Royale is set to shake up the Battle Royale bandwagon by bringing top-down gameplay to the game mode for the first time. Much like those games, players are tasked with battling to the death to become the last alive, but they’ll have to do some looting first.

Not only will they be able to pick up armor, players will be required to also pick up abilities each with varying strength, in order to level up their character and become the ultimate victor when the circle shrinks ever smaller.

If you’re not convinced, Stunlock Studios has released an Early Access launch trailer for the game which you can see below:

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Battlerite Royale launches into Early Access on September 26.

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