First Official look at the Captain Marvel suit

The eagerly awaited Captain Marvel finally gets a trailer! After the set photos revealed by Entertainment Weekly a couple of weeks ago, we finally get to see the official Captain Marvel trailer.

The trailer opens with Captain Marvel crash landing into a Blockbuster of all places, just to solidify the fact the movie is set in the past. We finally get to see Brie Larson in action as our high flying heroine, showing off her photon blast powers which look pretty spectacular, to say the least. Post-crash Carol seems to be suffering from some memory difficulties and having trouble remembering her life on Earth before joining Starforce.

With the trailer answering a lot of questions, it raises quite a few more, primarily why is Captain Marvel decking old ladies on a bus? Maybe they don’t have smiley old ladies in space?

We also get to see Samuel L. Jackson in motion as a youthful Nick Fury, the special effects team working harder than 2 tonnes of Nivea Anti-Ageing cream, as he introduces himself to Captain Marvel having tracked her since landing. We also get treated to a brief look at the Kree strike team, Starforce, and Jude Law’s character looking a touch miffed. It appears that Carol will be sporting the newer fancier helmet, that gives her the punk-rock mohawk and bright blue glowing eyes of the modern comic series.

Captain Marvel Poster

As well as the trailer, the official poster has also been revealed, sporting the line “Higher, Further, Faster” and showing Carol in the doorway to a hanger with the star from her chest emblazoned behind her. By the looks of things, we’re going to see plenty of Carol’s past, as well as her strutting her stuff as she does battle with the Skrull infiltrating the population!

The full trailer can be seen below. Captain Marvel is scheduled to launch March 2019.

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