As if the month of October wasn’t slammed with enough game releases, fans of the classic Castlevania series will need to add another title to their list. Releasing October 26, Konami has announced a fantastic, exclusive, bundle coming to the PS4.

Castlevania Requiem brings Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood to Sony’s current console priced at €19.99 in Europe. Konami will be announcing pricing for other areas soon.

The PlayStation Blog stated“Both games are the originals emulated for the PlayStation 4, with several updates that take advantage of the new hardware. This includes 4K/1080p upscaling, multiple high-resolution backgrounds, different rendering options such as smoothing and full Trophy support.” On top of this, Requiem will also utilize the DualShock 4’s analog sticks for traversal and speaker, which will play sounds when you grab items.

Gamespot reached out to Konami about the bundle’s exclusivity to the PlayStation 4 and questioned if there were any plans to release the title on other consoles. In response, a representative told them, “as it stands, there are no plans to bring Requiem to other platforms–[Requiem] is a PS4 exclusive.” Sorry, Microsoft and Nintendo owners.

Castlevania Requiem Screenshot

Symphony of the Night originally released back in 1999 on the first PlayStation console and received critical acclaim across the board. It has since become a huge influence on game design. Those that have played the recent Hollow Knight and Dead Cells titles can look back to Symphony of the Night for those game’s inspiration. Meanwhile, Rondo of Blood released even farther back in 1993 for the PC Engine CD. This title is also considered to have had a heavy influence on modern games and was also one of the greatest titles on the PC Engine.

Conveniently enough, October 26 is also the same release date for season 2 of Castlevania on Netflix. Hmm, it’s almost like they planned it this way. The animated series first season received a ton of praise for it’s animations and writing. It follows Trevor Belmont, the last of his name, as he hunts down, and tries to stop Vlad Dracula Tepes.

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