Another trailer for the upcoming Creed 2 has been released, building even more hype for the already hugely anticipated film.

Creed 2 is set to have Michael B. Jordan return as Adonis Creed, who now has to face the son of the man who killed his father in the ring (spoiler alert for all those people who just woke up from thirty-year comas).

This film is the eighth in the Rocky franchise which began all the way back in 1976. The great thing about the series is that, while not all the films are good, they are all at least entertaining. A good example of this is Rocky IV, which sees the once grounded Rocky Balboa end the cold war by beating up an enormous amount of communist beef.

Said beef is appearing once again in Creed 2, as Dolph Lungren returns to the role of Ivan Drago. Adonis Creed was haunted by his father’s memory in Creed, so having his killer Ivan Drago appear in the sequel seems like a great way to generate drama.

Creed 2 Still

The trailer makes the film seem like the standard Rocky plot: hero feels pressured to fight, relatives beg him not to fight, he fights anyway and now everyone respects him. This has been the pattern for forty years and it probably won’t change now.

What makes a Rocky film great is in the presentation, though, and this looks like it will be one of the better ones. Stallone and Jordan’s performances look great as in the last film, and Lungren’s inclusion is something fans are excited forP.

Check out the trailer below.

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