Fearem, the developer of the 1vs4 horror survival game, Daemonical, has announced the game’s first free weekend since launching into Early Access on PC last month.

Daemonical begins with five players who find themselves stranded on an island with one goal, find the missing bones and return them to the altar. As night falls, however, one of the five become a horrific demon and begin hunting down the other players. No one knows who the demon is until they transform, and when they do, all hell breaks loose.

It’s up to players to continue their search or simply hide and survive the night which is easier said than done.

Since its launch into Early Access, Fearem has released a number of major updates to the game to improve gameplay and implement changes suggested by the community, and that’s where this free play weekend also comes in.

Starting today, Thursday, September 13 and ending on Sunday, September 17, players can try their hand at Daemonical and also take advantage of a 25% discount during this time.

Check out the release trailer for Daemonical, below:

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