We’ve finally got our first teaser for the Netflix She-Ra reboot, and it is looking stunning so far!

Past grumblings about the reboot fades into the background of this teaser, which shows off some gorgeous animation as Adora approaches a ancient sword and gets a glimpse of herself in it’s reflection. A mysterious voice entices Adora to take hold of her destiny and upon touching it, she makes a transforms into the famed She-Ra!

The look of the reboot pays homage to the colors and look of She-Ra while the animation itself is polished to look more like a cartoon of today.

While there isn’t too much else revealed, it’s only a teaser after all and what is shown so far looks like a promising addition to Netflix’s growing and impressive animation roster!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power comes to Netflix on November 16th and the fight for Grayskull begins!

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