Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down, breaking 78.3 Million players in August.

God it’s just disgusting, isn’t it? we all love seeing a title do well, but where do we draw the line? It seems that’s yet to be determined, as Fortnite hit a frankly mind-boggling 78.3 Million players last month. Jesus.

Ever the perfectionists, Epic Games announced that they took these staggering figures as a chance to really test their infrastructure and make changes to accommodate the sickeningly high figures. Feels like only yesterday we were praising PUBG for hitting a million. How time flies. Epic’s statement is as follows:

“August was Fortnite’s biggest month yet, with 78.3 million of you showing up to play. This exposed weak points and allowed us to make targeted improvements to critical systems, such as stats and servers. The Summer Skirmish also, as you all probably noticed, highlighted problems with performance and spectating, which we’ve been working on ever since.”

It seems that Epic’s mission to keep churning out content for the title is working wonders. And we joke about Rockstar bathing in baths of money. Epic must be bathing in baths MADE of money.

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