Fortnite has undoubtedly taken the world by storm, so much so that Hasbro has announced the launch of Fortnite Monopoly as well as a line of NERF Blasters.

While details are pretty thin, specifically with the NERF Blasters, there are a few little snippets to go on. First, Fortnite Monopoly. It seems this version of the game will be completely different from the traditional game we hate to love. In Fortnite Monopoly players won’t be dealing with cash, they’ll be dealing with Health Points.

In addition, it seems players can also attack other players on the board with dice rolls determining both moves and “actions” allowing players take hit points from others providing they’re on the same side of the board, heal using bandages, and, wait for it, building forts.

Winning will also be determined not by making players bankrupt, but becoming the last player alive on the board by depleting all opposing players’ health.

Fortnite Monopoly

It’s definitely an interesting spin on a traditional format, however, whether or not the board game will reflect the intense action as the video game, or pull kids away from their mobile versions of Fortnite long enough, remains to be seen.

That being said, Hasbro has something else up their sleeves with the aforementioned NERF Blasters. According to IGN, who heard from a Hasbro representative, these blasters “will immerse fans into the player-versus-player action of the game, letting them play out the battle royale in real-world settings with Blasters and accessories that emulate the onscreen battles Fortnite is known for.”

Details on the Blasters and “accessories” are set to be unveiled later this year.

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