Epic Games has confirmed when Fortnite‘s Season 6 will begin, and it’s pretty damn soon.

As always, Epic Games has been building up towards an epic climax with the end of Season 5 featuring a mysterious cube. While details of what’s in store for players when Season 6 begins are being kept under wraps, we do know that we’ll only have to wait until September 27 to actually find out what’s going on.

For the past couple of weeks, “Kevin” has been causing chaos in the game. Kevin, of course, is the name of the purple cube that’s been dashing about the map bringing with it gravity domes and warding off players if they get a little too close.

Kevin has since found its way above, and now deep within Loot Lake which means something pretty big is about to happen. That, of course, is Season 6, but what special events will come with the new season? No one knows. Though rumors are suggesting we’re about to see a mirror universe.

Could this be the first time we get a new map in Fortnite? Or will it simply be a mirrored version of the existing map? There’s also word that Loot Lake will become filled with Lava.

I guess we’ll find out for sure later this week. Fortnite Season 6 is expected to begin on Thursday, September 27, 2018.

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