After a week of teasing, Epic Games has finally lifted the lid off of Fortnite‘s Season 6 and it’s gosh darn spooky with a ton of game-changing additions.

Fortnite‘s Season 6 is here and there’s a bunch of changes coming to the game. First, there’s the map which features a handful of new locations including Floating Island, Corrupted Areas, Corn Fields, and a Haunted Castle. In said Corrupted Areas players will find a new consumable, Shadow Stones, which when used make the player invisible.

Shadow Stones seem to be a result of the floating purple cube. In the game, players can pick up and consume the stones which cause temporarily invisibility. When stationary, players are fully invisible, however, this invisibility fades slightly when players move, plus they leave behind a Shadow Trail.

In addition to invisibility, Shadow Stones also increase movement speed, jump height and fall damage immunity. They also offer a new ability called Phase which can warps players in the direction their facing, and through walls, using the primary fire button. Because of this, when Shadow Stones are consumed players will no longer be able to use their weapon.

Fortnite Shadow Stone

Shadow Stones last for around 45 seconds but can be canceled using the Alt-Fire button (aim down sight).

Other new additions to Fortnite come in the form of Pets, little buddies which seem to be equipped similarly to back bling. Epic didn’t detail what functionality these pets have outside of being new cosmetics.

The patch comes with a bunch of changes to the game’s Storm Circles too, with wait times reduced and shrink times increased. A handful of weapons have also been vaulted, including Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives. These weapons will still be usable in Playgrounds.

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Finally, Fortnite Season 6, of course, comes with a new Battle Pass for the usual 950 V-Bucks. It’ll include another 100 levels with 100 new rewards including skins, pets, Weekly Challenges and much much more. Spot the trailer for that above.

As for Save the World, apparently exciting things are coming, but not before players can take part in a Cram Session event that’ll have plenty of XP to give away. There’s also a new Husk in the form of Riot Husky, a big fella carrying a fridge door as a shield.

The full patch notes can be found over on Fortnite‘s website. A teaser trailer for Fortnite‘s Season 6 can be found below:

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In other news, Sony just unlocked cross-platform play for Fortnite on PS4, which is pretty big news for gamers.

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