Epic Games is going to town teasing Fortnite‘s upcoming season 6 with plenty of teasers coming our way, including a DJ Llama skin.

First, we had the release date, now we’ve got teasers for what we can possibly expect when Season 6 launches, and it may have something to do with a Llama DJ. Now the cube has turned Loot Lake into a giant bouncy structure, perhaps Season 6 has something to do with disco and bounce houses?

Check it out:

If that wasn’t all, another teaser landed today, which is a little less fun and bouncy. This time it depicts a cow girl skin with the words “Saddle Up!”. Maybe another hint that this parallel or mirror universe is incoming?

Honestly, this is just another example of how fantastic Epic Games are at building hype around Fortnite, they did it with Season 5, and they’re doing it again with Season 6.

Hats off to you, Epic Games.

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