With BOOM Comics! Power Rangers event, Shattered Grid, coming to an end what does the future hold for the Power Rangers?

If you’ve missed the big comic book event of the summer, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid has seen an evil version of veteran Power Ranger, Tommy Oliver (he’s appeared in four different installments of the franchises) trying to do away with every Power Ranger ever.

Big changes have already been lined up for the two ongoing Power Rangers comics. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers book will see an all-star team of Power Rangers from different teams unite to fight bigger threats. Sister series, Go Go Power Rangers will see the Rangers embark on an adventure where their morphers will be switched and they’ll be using a different colored morpher.

So Kim will be using the Blue Triceratops Power Coin and Trini will get the Red Tyranous Power Coin. Though what else could happen post-Shattered Grid?

Well, I’ve got four ideas:

More stories about different Power Ranger eras.

Is sure was fun seeing different Rangers from different eras showing up, wasn’t it? I got a thrill out of seeing some nostalgic tales featuring the Space Rangers and the Zeo Rangers.

So can’t we get more of a good thing?

I’d love a few more tales seeing what the Time Force Rangers are up to or what the Lightspeed Rescue crew are doing.

Jason and Lauren teaming up.

Talk about a power couple right? A couple of Power Rangers who also happen to be Red Rangers? Jason from Mighty Morphin’ and Lauren from Power Rangers Samurai sure did like spending time with each other during Shattered Grid, didn’t they?

I guess it’s cool to see if a long distance time travelling relationship could work out between two superheroes.

Power Rangers Shadow Ranger

Answering some questions the show never did.

Who was The Shadow Ranger? What happened to the Zeo Crystal? Where did Zedd and Rita go after Power Rangers Zeo? All these questions and much more I’d love to see get an answer

Stories about non-adapted Sentai teams.

I know this was touched on during Super Megaforce with some of the Super Sentai teams that didn’t get a Western adaptation turning up in small cameos.

Though the comics would be a good chance to see more of these teams and even flesh out a backstory? What time period are they from? Where did they get their powers? Do they even call themselves Power Rangers?

Have you got any better ideas? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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