Power Rangers in Space swapped and saved the day for the galaxy and for the franchise. Saving the series from the disappointment that was Power Rangers Turbo.

Power Rangers Turbo had been such a car crash that Power Rangers In Space was going to be last entry into the franchise. Though with some decent writing, fresh footage, and an attempt to go out with a bang, plans were changed drastically.

All of this happened when the powerless Turbo rangers ventured into space to find Zordon and meet Andros who recruits them into the vacant spots in his team of Power Rangers to do battle with the evil Astronema.

You get some emotional storytelling as it’s later revealed Andros has a sister (who turns out to be Astronema) whose turned to the dark side – which is a plus. Another plus is that you discover the live actions Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies from the 80 and the 90s technically exist in the same universe as the Power Rangers.

The negative to that is that you get a bad two-parter episode which ties into the terrible live action Next Mutation Series. With all those plus and negatives you’ve got some facts to disperse on the franchise that saved the day.

Saban thought the Sentai footage was going to be space themed

I wonder what gave them that idea, maybe it was the space-themed Megazords…

Though they were wrong when it turns out the Sentai they were adapting (Megaranger) was actually technology themed. Thus a cheap green screen had to be used for any space scenes.

The show was going to reveal the identity of the Shadow Ranger

The Shadow Ranger was technically the sixth ranger from Power Rangers Turbo Ranger, but his identity was never revealed. Since the show was going to be canceled, it was planned that In Space would tie up as many loose ends as possible.

They did plan to reveal the Shadow Rangers identity, but budget constraints meant the plan was scrapped.

Though Boom Comics could adapt the scrapped plans… hint hint?

Power Rangers in Space

The show makes a sneaky Star Wars reference 

That’s right, maybe The Power Rangers don’t just exist in a world of live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when TJ mentions that he and another ranger are going to search the Dagobah System.

Star Wars fans will know that the Dagobah System contains the planet where exiled Jedi Master, Yoda resided until his death.

It’s the first that reveals the identity of the Power Rangers publicly

The chips were down and the bad guys had taken over Earth, with a gang of troops demanding that the captured humans cough up the Power Rangers, TJ, Carlos, Cassie, Ashleigh, and Zane morph in front of the crowd and they become the first rangers to reveal their secret identities.

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