The Power Rangers have returned to Earth with a bang as Lightspeed Rescue take up the gauntlet to do battle against evil. No more teens with attitude or guys and gals that have a day job in between saving the world, now you’ve got professional Power Rangers on the case.

It was a season of firsts for the franchise as Saban made a clean break with a new theme and story. This time, the theme is Emergency Services as the team consists of different people with skills that would be useful in an emergency like being a firefighter, a mountain climber, or scuba diving.

So, from their secret underwater base, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue does battle with a legion of demons that had to be trapped underneath Mariner City and of course, four facts can be found in all of this.

No links to previous seasons

The Mighty Morphin Era drew to an end with Lightspeed Rescue as this season did not see the return of any characters or sets.

Lightspeed was a clean break, but it was rumored that the Ranger’s powers were going to come from Lightspeed reverse engineering the leftover technology used during the invasion of the villains during the season finale in Power Rangers in Space.

Though, this was ditched in favor of making each season self-contained.

The first season with a train Megazord

The Supertrain Megazord combines two nerdy things, Power Rangers and trains so, in theory, it’s double awesome.

Though since the Zord was so powerful it would injure the Rangers when using it leading to being shelved for a Zord which I don’t know, didn’t hurt when using it?

The first season with human-produced morphers

It wasn’t a Wizard that built the Lightspeed Morphers or an alien race or even a powerful off-world artifact.

It was good old human design, the Turbo Rangers doesn’t count since Saban never really explained how they were created, maybe it was made from magical tire from Zordon’s old car?

Lightspeed is the first organization that has a team of Power Rangers

If you’re a Power Ranger, your time is precious. You’re saving the world and you’ve got your real life which consists of social responsibilities, working or being at high school (in Mighty Morphin all of the above) so being a professional Power Ranger probably takes a lot of pressure off.

Add in Lightspeed’s spiffy little jackets (I want one for a cosplay) it seems like a neat 9 to 5?

Have I missed a fact out? Let us know in the comments!

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