Zordon has gone and a new team of Power Rangers is needed to defend humanity from the forces of evil. Earth has been built into a mobile space colony and sets out to explore the stars.

It’s not long before humanities’ galactic explorer encounters the villain Scorpius as he tries to get his hands on the legendary Quasar Sabers. Fortunately, a plucky bunch of colonists takes the sabers and become the new generation of Power Rangers all under the watchful eye of Alpha onboard the Power Rangers In Space headquarters, the Astro Megaship.

A special bonus fact is that Archie from CSI is the Blue Ranger, played by Archie Kao.

On this galactic journey, we’ve rustled up four facts about these space-faring Power Rangers

This the last linked show to the Mighty Morphin Era

By this point, the original five were long gone and those teens from Angel Grove had moved onto something new and our beloved leader Zordon has sacrificed himself to turn all previous villains good.

Left from these years of Power Rangers was Android, Alpha, Bulk (and not Skull) and the Astro Megaship.

Astronema replaces the Pink Ranger

Kendrix the Pink Ranger dies and no one saw it coming. This was because actress Valerie Vernon had to be written out after being diagnosed with Leukemia, fortunately, she survived and returns at the end of the season.

In the meantime, previous bad guy Astronema takes over in a quest to redeem her wicked past.

This season features the first team up since Power Rangers Zeo

With the In Space Rangers dropping in for a team up, it’s the first team up for three years as the two teams united to battle the villainous Physco Rangers.

Though it’s not revealed what the In Space Rangers are up to since their own season…

It’s the first season of Power Rangers not to be set in Angel Grove

Well, being set in space kind of means that can’t look after Angel Grove and a space colony I suppose…

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