Power Rangers Turbo

Power Rangers Turbo… it wasn’t any bad guy that almost defeated the Power Rangers, oh no you have to look much closer at home to see what almost ended the Teens with Attitude.

If you look back to the dawn of Power Rangers Zeo it didn’t really get off to a great start; it consisted of a feature movie that was panned critically and bombed at the box office, then some unpopular changes were added, and boom, you’ve got yourself a franchise killer.

Overall Saban’s attempt to lure the kids of the mid-90s into the franchise didn’t work, but with anything like this, you get at least 4 interesting facts.

The Sentai footage was taken from a parody season

This season was based on Carranger, a vehicle themed season that acted as a parody of the show as it made fun of the tropes and action scenes of slapstick nonsense – Like when the Power Rangers got baked into a giant pizza.

So with all this knowledge, how do you think the serious storylines gelled together? This answer is… not very well.

The cast changed mid-season

Tommy, Adam, Tanya and Kat had graduated high school and it was time to focus on their futures and it didn’t have the Power Rangers in it. Young Justin, the new 10-year-old Blue Ranger was joined by TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie.

It was never explained why the Zeo Morphers were ditched

The Zeo Crystal was supposed to provide the rangers was a new unstoppable power. So why did they ditch the Zeo Morphers in favor of the Turbo ones? Why did they never explain were these Turbo ones came from?

I don’t know, but the Power Rangers were baked into a pizza though.

So bad it meant the show was going to be canceled

With ratings in the toilet and toy sales not improving Turbo was the final straw that led to the show being lined up for the chop. One last season was commissioned as the franchises swan song, little did they know going to space was the best thing for the franchise…

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