After just three seasons the original template of the Power Rangers was gone and Power Rangers Zeo had taken their place, did this embark on a new era? Well, it was kind of a new era, but as you progress further down the Power Ranger timeline, you’ll realize the rigid format doesn’t tend to change that much.

After the Rangers grabbed the Zeo Crystal from Lord Zedd during Season 3 of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, little did they know it would become the power source of their morphers.

Speaking of Zedd, he wasn’t having a great time was he? The Zeo Crystal screws with his skin and him and Rita are forced to flee Earth from the Machine Empire. So with a new look and new bad guys, here are four facts about this era of Power Rangers.

Kimberly broke up with Tommy

That’s right the girl next door broke up with the nice cool guy at school. Since Kimberly left Angel Grove to take part in an athletics tournament the two were trying to maintain a long distance relationship.

Though the Zeo era rang in the end of that relationship as Kimberly broke up with Tommy in a Dear John Letter. Don’t worry though, Tommy did find love with new Pink Ranger, Kat.

Billy left the show

That’s right, the final member of the original five departed the show. At the beginning of the show, the gang had had five morphers for six rangers. So Billy stepped aside and took a technical role working more closely with Zordon and Alpha.

Eventually, Billy left the planet to live on Aquitar.

Power Rangers ZEO Ranger Gold

Ryan Steele voiced the Gold Ranger as first

Ryan Steele was the leader of the VR Troopers, another one Saban’s actions shows which combined Japanese action footage with Western nonaction footage. This time, it mashed up two shows of the Metal Heroes genre. Basically superheroes with metal like armoured costumes.

VR Troopers lasted for two seasons, but Saban supposedly had further plans for Ryan.

Actor Brad Hawkins voiced the mysterious Gold Ranger it was rumoured that Ryan would be revealed as The Gold Ranger linking both shows.

The first Ranger team-up

The Alien Rangers and Zeo Rangers teamed up leading a trend that lasts to this day with previous rangers teaming up with new guys.

I guess they kind of did last season, but it wasn’t a real team up since the Mighty Morphin Rangers were kids and didn’t have their powers and y’know, it’s my list and all.

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