Devolver Digital has unveiled Gato Roboto, an upcoming “CatMechtroidvania” that’s set to land on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019.

There are arguments for not letting cats near military-grade equipment or given too much responsibility. Their total disregard for health and safety and questionable relationships with authority being but two of them, yet developers Doinksoft have seen fit to give one particular kitty the mission of a lifetime (and a decent amount of firepower to boot).

Gato Roboto will have Kiki the cat jumping, bouncing, swimming, and blasting their way through Metroidvania-like levels in the hopes of achieving the mission of their incapacitated owner. Luckily some mechs really are a ‘one size fits all’.

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A healthy mix of mech and feline gameplay will mean Kiki won’t always be able to rely on the mech, and hopping out to squeeze through small openings will likely lead to progression and powerups as you explore both on paws and from cockpit. The mech is likely to see a lot of work, as the local inhabitants don’t seem to take kindly to the intrusion, so expect a lot of emphasis on improving your mech’s capabilities as enemy strengths and abilities improve along the way.

Expected 2019, Gato Roboto is already making an impression through its minimalist, distinct art style, and while the gameplay isn’t likely to be anything particularly new, a cat in a mech is something I am personally looking forward to getting acquainted with.

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