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Halloween Gets an Intense New Trailer

Jaime Lee Curtis Rules all

The best part about re-imagined horror movie sequels is the lack of fucks they sometimes give to already existing installments. The latest Halloween movie looks to do just that.

While there have been ten other installments in the Micheal Myers horror series, this new film aims to disregard all of the sequels that have come before it. Basically, if Jaime Lee Curtis wasn’t involved, it isn’t “canon”. However, the new Halloween does aim to pay tribute to all of the films that have come before it, how that has been implemented will remain to be seen until the movie releases later this year. According to the film’s writer, Danny McBride, it will also “go back to the roots” of John Carpenter’s initial vision for the iconic boogeyman.

It has been four decades since Laurie Strode had her run-in with Micheal. In that time she has made it her life’s mission to be prepared for the inevitable moment that he breaks free. For continuity’s sake, this will be the first time Curtis’ Laurie has come in contact with Micheal in that 40 years. Regardless of how old she’s become, Laurie has readied herself for another battle with the titular serial killer.

Laurie won’t be alone though. With her is her daughter, played by Judy Greer, and her granddaughter, Andi Matichak. John Carpenter will not only be an executive producer but will also be responsible for the films musical score.

Halloween will release October 19, be sure to check out the new trailer below!

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