Little Dragons Café hasn’t even been released in the European market yet, and Harvest Moon series creator Yasuhiro Wada is already thinking about a sequel. Although that may seem premature, it is doing well in the US and Japan right now and has attained a growing fanbase.

But that isn’t the only reason Wada is already geared up to get a sequel started. Wada has said that about seventy percent of what he had planned for Little Dragons Café ended up cut from the final version. Every video game has elements cut, but seventy percent meant whole systems had to be cut, like customization.

Originally, the café, player character, and dragon were all meant to be customizable, but in the final game, only the dragon is somewhat customizable, as a player can change his color by feeding him different dishes. Wada mentioned that what he really wanted to see was the dragon’s “shape” change.

It seems that these physical changes might lead to changes in his physical prowess, improving swimming or fighting abilities. Raising the dragons differently would affect this, creating a dragon that felt even more personalized to the player than what already exists.Little Dragons Café Artwork

The cooking sequences were also supposed to be slightly different. The rhythm game aspect was supposed to be the same, but instead of icons and pictures appearing the better you do when making your targets, it seems characters were supposed to dance to the music. The more characters that join your employ and stories you complete, the more would dance during the sequences. The dancing would just be a background animation sort of thing, just like what currently exists in the game now with the pictures and icons, Wada just liked it more and would want it for a sequel, if possible.

Story elements were also cut, which was interesting to find because Wada’s games usually rely heavily on both overarching and individual stories that allow you to grow close to characters and communities. Although these exist in the final product, the depth one might expect based on Wada’s prior games isn’t there.

Development for this game started with the story, and it definitely hurt Wada to par it down. With features cut, characters were cut, and perhaps even characterization of characters that were kept was cut.

Of course, there were features that Wada willingly cut. Things like a world map was cut to “encourage exploration,” and a monetary system was banished. Although the world map’s cut is something that has attracted some complaints within fan groups, cutting the monetary system would probably be seen with relief. Wada thought it would get in the way of the player’s ability to take care of their dragon and the café, and, having played the game, it’s hard not to agree.

Little Dragon's Café Screenshot

There are currently other items unannounced on Wada’s plate (fans have been waiting with anticipation for an announcement for Story of Seasons on the Nintendo Switch, Mr. Wada!), so a Little Dragons Café sequel is only on the back burner right now. Still, it’s refreshing to see a game creator that wants to give fans a full, polished experience, even if that experience won’t be possible until some misty point in the future.

Right now, Wada just wants “many people” to enjoy Little Dragons Café. The game is out in North America and Japan right now for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, but Europe is still waiting on a September 21 release date.

If you still haven’t picked up the game, have a look at our review of the game here, and additional information about the game here.

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