Brazilian developer Hoplon has announced that its vehicle MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, is set to launch out of Early Access on September 19.

Having been in Early Access for a little over a year now, Hoplon is almost ready to unleash its post-apocalyptic 4v4 vehicle-based MOBA along with a few goodies. In addition to the release date, the developer has also announced the Metal Pass, a new level progression system which will offer players rewards as they play.

Featuring 50 different levels, this season-based pass will give players the chance to secure new characters, skins, in-game currency, portraits, XP boosts, and more. As with other passes, there’ll be a free and premium tier with the latter offering more quests and bigger rewards.

In Heavy Metal Machines players are tasked with grabbing the bomb from the center of the map and throwing it into their opponents base. Seeing as there are four other vehicles trying to do exactly the same thing, an epic battle of clanking metal ensues until one team comes out victorious.

“Years of hard work from a very talented team has led us to the release of Heavy Metal Machines,” said Rodrigo Campo, CEO of Hoplon. “We are very excited to ‘turn the switch’ and officially launch our game, which we hope brings innovation and something unique to the free-to-play and esports scene.”

Check out the launch trailer for Heavy Metal Machines below:

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