Steamforged Games’ Kickstarter campaign for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game went live last week and has completely obliterated its funding goal.

Following its announcement back in August, Steamforged Games’ campaign for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game launched late last week and following the success of both the video game and Steamforged’s campaigns in the past, is there any surprise that it was fully funded in around a day?

Now, with the initial funding goal met, the campaign is now working towards several stretch goals, of which 16 of them have already been met. These stretch goals mostly include additional miniatures such as a set of four Glinthawks, sets of Eclypse Cultists, and more.

Initially, the campaign was seeking £155,000 but is currently sitting at £754,000 at time of writing with 18 days to go.

There are several pledge options available but in order to net yourself a copy of the game you’ll need to throw at least £100 at the campaign, which isn’t that bad considering the sheer amount of content you get in just the base package. Prospective players can increase their pledge to receive even more content when the game eventually launched.

You can head to the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Boardgame Kickstarter campaign here. Check out the campaign video below:

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