Animal Crossing

As if the announcement of a new console Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch wasn’t enough, Nintendo also threw fans a bone and announced that Isabelle from the series will be joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

She was announced during this week’s Nintendo Direct stream with a special trailer titled “All in a Day’s Work.” Lamenting her busy schedule with the mayor away, she’s surprised by a letter inviting her to “[turn] over a new leaf” in Smash!

Some of her moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate include using a bucket, cracker, and fishing rod as weapons. She can also bury Gyroids to launch later, and her double jump appears to put her on a swing attached to many balloons. Another shorter trailer shows her enticing Timmy and Tommy to build as another attack.

You may view her Nintendo Direct “All in a Day’s Work” trailer below.

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Isabelle is the 68th fighter to join the roster. Is it too early to guess that Digby will be her echo fighter? We’ll all find out on December 8, when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to hit shelves for the Nintendo Switch.

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