At Dragon Con last Sunday, it was announced that the Jim Henson Company, known for creations such as The Muppets, will be bringing The Witchlands to television.

Lisa Henson, the CEO of the company her father founded, and Halle Stanford, the president of the company’s television department, will be executive producers, and the author of the original Witchlands book series, Susan Dennard, will be acting as co-executive producer.

The Witchlands is a fantasy book series that currently consists of TruthwitchWindwitch, and Sightwitch, with the next book due in 2019. In the world of these books, people are born with “witchery,” or a certain specific magical leaning that sets them apart from others. Two best friends with different witcheries are the heroes of these books, caught in the middle of a struggle between three powerful empires.

All of the parties involved are excited about this team-up, with Dennard calling the partnership a “literal dream come true.” Certainly, the Jim Henson company has proven itself more than able to bring a compelling fantasy world of magic and strife alive time and time again with films such as The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1986).

The Witchlands Book Cover

No estimate for the television series’ release was given at the time of the project’s announcement.

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