Independent cinema forefather, Kevin Smith, has another project in the works. While initially thought to be another feature-length film, it seems that the director/writer has other ideas in mind.

As divulged on his podcast Fatman on Batman, Smith said, “I know I’m being vague, I wish I could fucking tell you and the moment I can tell you, man, I’m going to be like ‘blaaaaa!’ and you’re going to be like ‘what the fuck!’ but it’s not a movie. I’ve had a lot of people be like ‘oh, it’s a fucking Marvel movie!’ Nobody would give me a movie. Nobody would give me a movie whatsoever. I’m struggling to make Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. This is a series thing, but it’s a fucking dynamite series in a real weird, wonderful place. So, more as I know more.”

Although many fans are disappointed Smith isn’t tackling an established franchise like something in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) or a Star Wars property, that doesn’t mean that this project won’t be interesting either. With the direction of some of his most recent films, audiences are bound for something weird.

Many elements of this project are still unclear, especially in what capacity Smith would serve the series. And, as if things couldn’t get mysterious or confusing enough, Smith teased another TV show in the works in an interview to

“I’m working on a different thing now that, I’m in a different end of the process, if everything works out well, then I would be a showrunner, which lends more toward what I’m used to doing in the day job as a movie maker and stuff.”

More developments are to come as far as the mystery projects are concerned.

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