20th Century Fox has announced that Kingsman 3, the third movie in the Kingsman trilogy, will be launching in November 2019.

This third movie, which is currently untitled, has swooped in and stolen the release date from the upcoming Bond 25 movie which I find quite funny considering they’re both spy movies… but I digress. Kingsman 3 will see the return of Matthew Vaughn as writer/director.

Vaughn previously stated he wanted Kingsman to be a trilogy, so here we are with an upcoming third movie on the cards. As you’d expect, the final film will conclude the relationship between Eggsy and Harry Hart who made a triumphant return in the second movie.

The series is based on a comic series by Mark Millar. The movies themselves are huge spy thrillers but have some pretty interesting class-based undertones with protagonist Eggsy being a low-to-middle-class “Chav” being recruited to the high-brow secret service known as Kingsman.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Screengrab

The first movie takes on a sort of My Fair Lady-esque approach as Harry Hart attempts to teach Eggsy the finer things of being a Kingsman only for Eggsy to ultimately use his street smarts to get the upper hand later in the film. The second movie seemed to explore the divide between British and American agencies, despite fighting a common enemy.

As for Kingsman 3, it’s been reported that Vaughn is eyeing up Dwayne Johnson for the role of the villain in the third movie. There’s also word that Vaughn is also working on a prequel movie called Kingsman: The Great Game which will be produced back-to-back with the third movie.

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