Nintendo’s Switch and 3DS Direct last night announced a whole host of new games coming to the two consoles over the coming months, one of which is Luigi’s Mansion 3!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was the first title Nintendo announced during the Direct last night, showing Luigi finding is way through another haunted house equipped with his trusty ghost vacuum.

Interestingly this isn’t a port of the Luigi’s Mansion title which launched on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013, this is a completely new title coming to Switch, making it the first Luigi’s Mansion title to be on a console since the first GameCube title back in 2001.

Aside from the above, details on the new title are pretty thin, the game is expected to land in 2019, so there’s a good chance we’ll receive another update about the game as well as a look at gameplay, likely at the start of the new year.

Oh, and there’s a trailer, too:

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