Mystery Science Theater 3000 has received a totally fitting premiere date for its upcoming season. Perhaps in honor of all the turkeys Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson), Crow, and Tom Servo have suffered through, the twelfth season of the popular show will be out on November 22, Thanksgiving in the US.

This premiere date also pays tribute to the show’s original premiere, which fell on Thanksgiving day 1988. Certain channels have also hosted marathons of the show on turkey day over the past 30 years.

When asked about what to look forward to in the newest season, Hodgson said, “I think the movies are even worse than last season, but I know the show is better. I could be mixing those two up.”

In honor of the show’s thirtieth anniversary, Hodgson and Jonah Ray will also be doing a live show, starting October 9 in Portland, Maine, and ending November 17 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tickets are available for purchase now.

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