The Haunting of Hill House is set to launch on Netflix in October, and the new trailer released ahead of it’s launch is truly terrifying.

Netflix has become rather notorious for it’s bold, domineering attitude towards producing anything and everything while having those shows or movies become (mostly) successful. From nostalgic Sci-Fi to feature films that no other studio will touch, Netflix now set’s their sights on horror. More specifically, a new 10 episode horror series, The Haunting of Hill House, and if the trailer is anything to go off of, they might be onto something here.

This is not the first time this classic horror novel has been adapted for film. The horror novel, originally written by Shirley Jackson back in 1959, follows a paranormal investigator that rents out the infamous Hill House in an attempt to study the supernatural. More specifically, the effects the paranormal has on people with a history of ghostly encounters. The novel has since been adapted twice. The 1963 version directed by Robert Wise was called “The Haunting” and is widely considered a terrifying cult classic. While the 1999 remake starring Liam Neeson, wasn’t so openly received. Now, director and writer Mike Flanagan, who recently adapted the Stephen King novel Gerald’s Game into a fantastic Netflix original film, is taking a turn adapting the novel.

Flanagan looks to be putting his own twist on the novel, however. In his version, a group of siblings that grew up in Hill House are forced to return to the mansion after a family tragedy happens. Obviously, upon arrival old wounds are re-opened and they must once again deal with the terror that dwell within the estate. The series looks to focus more on the trauma the kids endured while growing up in the mansion, and how that trauma affects them now. For a series instead of a film, this character-focused approach is certainly a welcome one. If Flanagan’s work is anything to go off of, or just the trailer itself, this series looks to be full of unsettling, terrifying moments.

Be sure to check out the trailer for The Haunting of Hill House below:

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The first season of The Haunting of Hill House premieres on Netflix October 12.

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