Jeff Kaplan has given us some cryptic clues regarding this year’s Overwatch Halloween event.

In the latest Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan gave us some details on this year’s Halloween event, as well as some of the latest changes hitting the Overwatch PTR. Jeff mentioned that “There’s going to be certain areas that look spooky that weren’t spooky previously.” And that for the first time Junkenstein’s Monster will get his Bride. Who the unlucky lass is, however, is still up for question.

Jeff also mentioned that we’ll see less new modes added in the coming events, as the team’s focus is currently on Hero re-works and quality of life adjustments. Most notable are the changes coming to Overwatch’s colorblind settings, with the Developer Blog stating the following:

“Customize how team colors are displayed in your UI (e.g. nameplates, HUD, health bars) and hero outlines with a set of nine different colorblind-friendly colors to choose from. You choose to colorize enemy and friendly UI separately as well. These options can be found under Options > Video > Color Blind Options. All changes made will be saved and ready for you to see in the next match you play!”

You can view the full Overwatch Developer Update for September 2018 below!

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