Little Dragons Café came out just over a month ago in the US and Asia and seems to have hit fans and critics well. It’s a game that emphasizes teamwork and supporting each other, and Aksys Games is taking that into the real world by donating $10,000 of the profits from the game to the charity Extra Life.

Akibo Shieh, the founder and CEO of Aksys Games, said that “in Little Dragons Café, the twins are working with a ragtag group of friends to save their mother from a mysterious illness. We wanted to partner with Extra Life because their campaign to mobilize the gaming industry to work together has raised millions of dollars in the past 10 years for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and helped to heal thousands of kids.”

It’s an appropriate and touching way to give back to the worldwide community. In the ten years since Extra Life was founded, the charity has raised $30 million to help children.

If you’re interested in learning more about the charity, you can check out their site here. And if you’re still on the fence about Little Dragons Café, check out our review of the game now.

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