PlayStation Classic

Taking a page out of Nintendo’s book, Sony just announced their PlayStation Classic, a fits-in-your-hand PlayStation One lookalike that will come with twenty of the PS1’s biggest hits. However, some fans are unhappy with this development.

There have been many annoyed social media posts about the PlayStation Classic, suggesting that Sony releases the 20 games on the PlayStation Network or comes up with a backward compatible system next go-around instead. At $99.99 on top of the $299 minimum price for a new PlayStation 4, it isn’t exactly cost effective for those on a nostalgia kick.

However, there are just as many fans excited about the miniature console. Although Sony has not announced all of the preloaded games yet, we know Tekken 3Final Fantasy VIIR4 Ridge Racer Type 4Wild Arms, and Jumping Flash will be on the system. Considering the price of what these games cost used, the price isn’t too bad. The system will also come with two controllers.

Of course, complaints on the Internet don’t really mean anything. It will be the sales numbers following the PlayStation Classic’s release on December 3 that matter. It will be interesting to see how the Classic does, especially compared to Nintendo’s like systems.

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